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Night Operations Endorsement

Night Operations Endorsement

Course Description

To responsibly operate a cruising powerboat at night within sight of land.


It is required that Night Operation Endorsement courses and examinations be conducted on cruising powerboats with adequate equipment to complete all endorsement outcomes. The suggested minimum length is 34 feet.



The prerequisite for Night Operation Endorsement is Basic Powerboat Cruising certification.

Certification Requirements

Successfully complete the following practical skill requirements with confident and safe command of the boat at night.


Practice Skills

1. Identify hazards to navigation and operation relevant for night operation.
2. Brief crew on night operation, safety and procedures.
3. Perform the applicable preparation practical skills required in Inshore Powerboat Cruising certification as applicable for the level of certification.
4. Check functioning of navigation lights and flashlights.
5. Prepare a float plan.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of how on-board lighting affects night vision.
7. Identify other vessel traffic.
8. Identify Aids to Navigation.
9. Perform a simulated person in the water rescue.
10. Demonstrate the ability to leave or enter a harbor.