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Safety & Rescue Boat Handling

Safety & Rescue Boat Handling

Course Description

This 8-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who will be using powerboats to perform safety and rescue functions. It is designed for regatta personnel, marine patrols, police and fire rescue personnel, park rangers, and on-the-water sailing instructors and coaches.

US Sailing Membership is not required to participate in a Safety and Rescue Boat Handling Course.

  • $895 plus fuel


  • US Sailing/US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Certificate

Suggested Age

  • 16–adult

Certification(s) Earned

  • US Sailing/US Powerboating Safety and Rescue Boat Handling Certificate

On-the-Water Sessions

  • VHF radio communications
  • Tying towing Knots
  • Person in Water rescue
  • Towing: astern & alongside
  • Williamson turn
  • Steering a range in/outbound
  • Intercepting & maintaining position with moving vessel
  • Use of bearings & GPS
  • Search pattern Expanded Square and Ladder Search


  • Weather & water briefings
  • VHF radio procedures
  • Safety & rescue equipment & procedures
  • Towing concepts
  • Search patterns concepts
  • Plotting a position
  • Calculating tides & currents